2020 Salary Survey

Our 2020 Salary Guides have been updated for all our core-built environment disciplines, with the latest salary information for Architectural & Planning, Property & Development, Civil & Structural Engineering, Surveying & Project Management and Construction & Building Services roles within East Anglia and the home counties.

The survey combines real local data and research from our clients and candidates combined with placement information from our own specialist recruitment experience in this region. Each Salary Guide reports on key job roles in demand for Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk compared to trends in Essex, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

2020 Property Salary Guide      2020 Property Salary Survey

In addition to these locations, our Surveying & Project Management survey also compares salaries in London, Oxford & Buckinghamshire, reflecting the wider demand of demand for development and innovation in the ‘golden triangle’.

Download any of our individual salary guides by clicking on the images below:

2020 Architectural & Planning Salary Guide

2020 Surveying & Project management Salary Guide

2020 Property & Development Salary Guide

2020 Civil & Structural Engineering Salary Survey

2020 Construction & Building Services Salary Guide

To provide a fair, realistic and ultimately useful salary guide average salary ranges for each key position have been used, rather than one off maximum remuneration levels, to avoid driving up salaries. With staff shortages and availability of quality candidates always an issue across the built environment sector.  People with the right experience, skills and qualifications will always find motivated employers looking to attract staff who are willing to offer salaries beyond our guide ranges.

We have based our salary range information, taking into account overall demand and our experience in each sector, looking particularly at the local differences we have seen across our core East Anglia, Home Counties and South East regions.

Our 2020 Salary Guides provide an insight for job seekers and employers alike that we hope you find helpful, as a fair representation of pay and benefits in our experience in this region.

Key Findings

With demand and competition for professionals based in this region continuing to rise, the focus on skills shortages within the built environment sector remains a major factor driving salary reviews. 'Location' again came out a key factor when considering a job change, highlighting local pressures affecting employers in East Anglia.

Our salary survey looked in more detail at other issues affecting the decision-making process when considering a new job, with questions this year related to the importance of work / life balance and the company culture and ethos. With flexible working conditions, the ability to reduce a daily commute and ‘the people that you work with’, all scoring highly alongside actual salary and benefits.

A more detailed report will follow the release of our new 2020 Salary Guides later this year, looking at the trends and key demands for each core sector of our business, with comment from each of our specialist team.

To discuss your own experience of salaries in this region, then talk to our specialist team, we would love to hear from you. As a client or candidate, we can help with salary advice, remuneration trends, or salary bench marking relevant to your career or business.



  • Our salary guide highlights those most requested jobs and opportunities currently in demand with our clients and candidates. We cover a wide range of locations and recruit for many specialist roles which haven't been included due to insufficient data. That doesn’t mean we can’t help you; our advice would just be bespoke. At its heart, recruitment is about people and given the opportunity we prefer to work exclusively with candidates and clients so we can represent you properly. So do speak to us about any specific positions not listed as we would love to help and give you the benefit of our experience.
  • We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information but please note salary ranges are provided as a guide based on our own recruitment experience, research and data received. Where relevant guaranteed bonuses or commission payments have been included in these figures to give an overall figure. Salaries will ultimately vary depending on the exact job description, location, company reputation, profile, career opportunities and additional benefits package being offered.
  • Our Surveying & Project Management Salary Guide now includes year on year increases and a typical average for each key position and a salary range. Our Property & Development Salary Survey now includes a wider range of residential, commercial, development and strategic land positions. Our Architecture and Civil Engineering Salary Guides have an extended Housing Developer section covering more key job roles, including BIM and planning. Our Construction & Building Services Salary guide also reflects the rising demand for Health & Safety, CDM Consultant and Principal Designer roles.
  • Several of our key sectors including Building Surveying, Project Management, PQS, Development, Architecture, Structures and Infrastructure now include Director level salary information as our business has continued to expand its executive and senior level recruitment expertise. If you would like more information on our partner led client services or our professional representation for Directors and executive appointments see: https://technicalmoves.com/jobs/executive

A big thank you to everyone that who took part or contributed to this year’s survey, we hope you find our Salary Guides useful for your business or career.