Salary Guide 2019

Download our 2019 Salary Guides for all our core built environment disciplines, with the latest salary guides key Surveying, Property, Development, Architectural, Civil & Structural Engineering, CDM, Health & Safety and Building Services roles. Our salary guides are a combination of local information gathered from clients and candidates and our own specialist recruitment experience in this region.

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Architecture Salary Guide

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Surveying & CDM Salary Guide

Civil & Structural Engineering Salary Guide

Building Services Salary Guide

To provide a realistic and ultimately useful guide we have used average salary ranges for each key position rather than one off maximum remuneration levels to avoid driving up salaries. While excellent candidates with the right skills and post qualification experience will always find motivated employers willing to offer salaries in excess of our guide range we have provided typical figures that take into account more rural locations and the differences we have experienced across our core East Anglia, the Home Counties and South East regions.

Our 2019 Salary Guide provides an insight for job seekers and employers that we hope you find helpful, as a fair representation of pay and benefits in our experience in this region.

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Key Findings

With demand and competition for professionals based in this region continuing to rise, the focus on skills shortages within the built environment sector remains a major factor driving salary reviews. 'Location' again came out as the most important factor when considering a job change, highlighting local pressures affecting employers in East Anglia. Other findings included the growing influence placed on added employee benefits with performance related pay, professional memberships and flexible working conditions seen as highly desirable.

To discuss your own experience of salaries in this region, then talk to our specialist team, we would love to hear from you. As a client or candidate, we can help with salary guides, remuneration trends, or salary bench marking relevant to your career or business.