Back to school - mock interviews

Carl Wright
by Carl Wright

Back to school - mock interviews

As part of his STEM Ambassador role, our Director, Carl Wright took part in a mock interview session, at his old secondary school this week, interviewing year 11 students at Bassingbourn Village College (BVC)

As part of group of business volunteers, in an event organised by the 'Form the Future' initiative, Carl interviewed Year 11 students at BVC, helping them with preparation for further studies and future employment.

“It was great to be back at my old school after so many years. The students I interviewed were an impressive bunch, who had clearly thought about their future prospects and plans.

Team work, communication and social skills, gained from outside interests are equally important as the academic qualifications, to employers looking for good all rounders. Hopefully my advice helped make a small difference, it was a rewarding day and they all did very well. Good luck to all the students, the future looks bright!”

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