Here are 6 time statistics to consider:  

1. You will spend 50 years in paid-employment. (

2. You will work a total of 92,120 hours in the course of your working life (based on a rough calculation of 39.2 hours *(52-5 = 47 weeks to take account of holidays)*50 years). (

3. You will spend 24% of your life working. There are 168 hours per week 40 hours of which are spent at work = 24% of your week

4. 33% of your life will be spent sleeping

5. On Average we spend about a year of our lives getting to and from the office (or 10,634 hours) (

6. The average person spends 1 hour 40 minutes browsing social media every day. The average person has five social media accounts and spends around 1 hour and 40 minutes browsing these networks every day, accounting for 28pc of the total time spent on the internet. (

The obvious central theme that affects our whole lives is the quality of how we use our time whether working, sleeping, or in our personal lives it is what we do with our time that really counts.

In my job as a Recruiter so often, when new candidates contact me it is because the quality of how they are spending their time has diminished. They are often acquiescing in their careers, wasting too much time commuting, or feel that they have not progressed quickly enough. Money is rarely the main motivator for moving jobs.  

So how are you using your time?

I recently asked myself this question and decided to change jobs gaining 15 hours per week of my life back in the process!

We only have the moment that we are in, how will you use it?

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