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This policy covers the data collected by Technical Moves Ltd, how it is used, how it is protected, and the users’ ability to control the collection and use of their personal data. Technical Moves Ltd is registered with the Office of the Information Commissioner Data Protection Act 2003. Our registration number is Z993582X.

How Long Will We Keep Your Data

We will hold your personal information on our systems for as long as is necessary for the relevant activity, or as long as is set out in any relevant contract you hold with the company. The Company will keep your data in the database unless you request otherwise.

Can You Make a Request For the Data the Company Holds About You?

If you would like to know what information the company holds about you, you can make a request to to have the information shared with you. You can also apply in writing:

Technical Moves Ltd
34A Woollards Lane, Great Shelford
CB22 5LZ

Gathering information
You may be required to register your personal details to access certain information contained within this website. You may also spontaneously and voluntarily share personal information with Technical Moves by emailing us at any of the addresses provided in the site for whatever reason.

The terms 'personal information' and 'personal details' include but are not limited to your full name, company name, professional title, contact numbers, email and/or postal address and any other information relating to your professional status that may or may not be readily available in the public domain.

Use of this website implies your agreement for Technical Moves to use the personal information you provide us for the purposes and in the manner set out below.

Using information 
We will use the information you provide to respond to your specific request. We may use your details to provide you with further information from Technical Moves that we think may be of interest to you. We may also use the information we collect about our customers as well as any related site information to monitor usage patterns and help us improve our site quality and usability. We may employ any data gathered for marketing purposes.

Sharing information 
We may share your details with third parties if this is necessary to deal with your request. We may use and share information about our customers for marketing and statistical analysis purposes, but where this information is shared it is only in aggregate form that will not identify you personally.

Data Protection
Technical Moves Limited can use the information supplied by you (including, without limitation, sensitive personal data) to aid the administrative and recruitment process, including where considered necessary, the disclosure of your personal data to related third parties. As a company, Technical Moves Limited is committed to privacy for everyone who uses this site. The Data Protection Acts of 1984 and 1998 require us to comply with certain regulations which are designed to ensure that your personal data is processed with due care and attention.

Technical Moves Limited reserves the right to collect personal data about you to help in the recruitment process. This data consists of information such as that contained within a CV, contact details, assessment information, qualification and identification information that is required to be collected by law, as well as aggregate data (such as demographic and geographic trends) derived from processing information collected that may improve our services

Sensitive personal data may be collected and processed only as is necessary to ensure we conform to legal requirements. By using this website and by registering your details with us, you agree to us collecting and processing sensitive personal data supplied by you. By using this website you also agree to the disclosure of this information to prospective employers and clients in connection with the recruitment process, and the sharing of aggregate information with selected third parties.

The security of your personal data is essential to the success and reputation of Technical Moves Limited. Access to your personal data is only provided to our staff and third parties who help us to process data and, in order to help with the recruitment process, to prospective employers or customers. Any policy changes, due to changes in business or legislation requirements will be made as a change to these terms of business.


In May 2011, the UK Government passed new legislation is regards to the use of Cookies. The following section explains what cookies are, which ones are collected by Technical Moves and how they are used on Technical Moves website. By continuing to use the Website, you are consenting to the use of these cookies:

How We Collect Information

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by the websites that you visit. They are commonly used in order to make websites work by tracking goods that you have placed in a basket, or work more efficiently by remembering your login details, as well as to provide information about the sites usage to the owners of the site.

Types of Cookies

There are three types of cookies dropped and collected by websites. With some exceptions (i.e.  websites that fundamentally require cookies in order for website functionality – see below) from 26th May 2012, all cookies must be consented to by a site’s users.

Cookie Type


Moderately intrusive

Embedded third-party content and social


Advertising campaign optimisation

Minimally intrusive

Web analytics / metrics

Personalised content / interface

Necessary for Website Functionality

(Exempt from changes to privacy regulations)

Stop multiple form submissions

Load balancing

Transaction specific

Technical Moves collects the following anonymous cookies for tracking purposes.




__utma This cookie is typically written to the browser upon the first visit to your site from that web browser. If the cookie has been deleted by the browser operator, and the browser subsequently visits your site, a new __utma cookie is written with a different unique ID. This cookie is used to determine unique visitors to your site and it is updated with each page view. Additionally, this cookie is provided with a unique ID that Google Analytics uses to ensure both the validity and accessibility of the cookie as an extra security measure. 2 years from set/update.
__utmb This cookie is used to establish and continue a user session with your site. When a user views a page on your site, the Google Analytics code attempts to update this cookie. If it does not find the cookie, a new one is written and a new session is established. Each time a user visits a different page on your site, this cookie is updated to expire in 30 minutes, thus continuing a single session for as long as user activity continues within 30-minute intervals. This cookie expires when a user pauses on a page on your site for longer than 30 minutes. You can modify the default length of a user session with the _setSessionCookieTimeout() method. 30 minutes from set/update.
__utmc This cookie is no longer used by the ga.js tracking code to determine session status.Historically, this cookie operated in conjunction with the __utmb cookie to determine whether or not to establish a new session for the user. For backwards compatibility purposes with sites still using the urchin.js tracking code, this cookie will continue to be written and will expire when the user exits the browser. However, if you are debugging your site tracking and you use the ga.js tracking code, you should not interpret the existence of this cookie in relation to a new or expired session. Not set.
__utmz This cookie stores the type of referral used by the visitor to reach your site, whether via a direct method, a referring link, a website search, or a campaign such as an ad or an email link. It is used to calculate search engine traffic, ad campaigns and page navigation within your own site. The cookie is updated with each page view to your site. 6 months from set/update.


Third Party Cookies

Users of the site who wish to share Technical Moves’s content socially using Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ (the platforms which are currently enabled on the website to allow this function) may have cookies stored on their computers from these third party websites.

Cookies are collected from third party sites so that you can be logged in to your account on their site and share our content simply and easily.

For more information on the cookie policies of these third party sites, please visit their websites. You will be able to control the way cookies are used when you are signed into your accounts on these sites through the privacy settings they have made available to you.

Facebook Privacy Policy (

Twitter Privacy Policy (

Google+ Privacy Policy (

Prohibiting the Collection of Cookies

If you would like to prevent Technical Moves from collecting cookies when you visit our site, please update your privacy settings in your browser. You can control the kinds of cookies you accept there.


We will take reasonable steps to protect the information you share with us from unauthorised access or disclosure. We limit access to personal information about you to employees who we believe reasonably need to come into contact with that information to provide products or services to you or in order to do their jobs.

Changes to this privacy policy 
We may update or amend this policy at our discretion at any time and without prior notice. We invite you to view this privacy policy regularly to check for any amendments. Your use of this website implies your acceptance of this privacy policy as it stands and is published here. Last Updated December 2012