Technical Moves | 2017 Salary Guides - Architecture, Building Services, Civil Engineering, Surveying and Property

2017 Salary Guides - Architecture, Building Services, Civil Engineering, Surveying and Property

Carl Wright
by Carl Wright

2017 Salary Guides

Our 2017 Salary Guides have now been updated for all our core built environment disciplines, with the latest salary information for key Architectural, Building Services, Civil Engineering, Surveying and Property roles within East Anglia, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Essex.

The survey combines real local data and research from our clients and candidates combined with placement information from our own specialist recruitment experience in this region.

To download one of our latest 2017 Salary Guides, click on the images below:

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New this year, we have included salary information from our CDM Consultancy and Health & Safety business. Our Surveying Guide has been extended to a larger range of locations and now covers positions in East Anglia, the Northern Home Counties, London and the Midlands. Our Property Survey includes a wider range of residential, commercial and planning positions and our Architecture and Civil Engineering Salary Guides have an extended Housing Developer section covering more job roles.

Visit our dedicated Salary Survey page to read our full report here:

 Salary Guides 2017


With demand and competition for professionals based in the region continuing to rise, the focus on skills shortages within the built environment sector remains a major factor driving salary reviews. Combined with the added pressure of attracting employees away from London to more rural locations companies face a difficult challenge in rewarding and retaining staff properly that could impact on future growth. 'Location' again came out as the most important factor when considering a job change, highlighting local pressures affecting employers in East Anglia.

One of the other key findings from our survey was the importance placed on added benefits and bonuses with performance related pay, professional memberships and flexible working conditions seen as the most desirable.

With a shortage of qualified professionals, salaries within property and surveying remained robust in 2017 - with most seeing a significant increase above the UK wage inflation. In addition, we have experienced further geographical gaps, with the likes of Cambridge competing with salaries packages once only seen in the city.

Due to a shortage of qualified professionals, employers are offering not only improved base salaries, but also benefit packages that include; flexible working, enhanced holidays and bonus payments as firms try to attract and secure talent.

The information in this guide is based on the most commonly requested jobs and positions most in demand with our clients. If you would like to discuss specialist positions or your own experience of salaries in this region we would love to hear from you. 

Thank you to everyone that took part in this year's survey, we value the contribution made by everyone that answered. At its heart, recruitment is about people - not sales and we hope that you find our 2017 Salary Guides useful for you personally or for your business.